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The following procedures should be conducted MONTHLY:

- Safety Reverse Test for opener. Repeat the test as per Installation Instruction (see opener's Installation Instruction in Owner's Manual), make adjustment if necessary.

- Door manual operation test. Release the door from Automatic Mode to Manual Operation Mode by disengaging the Manual Release Handle ONLY WHEN THE DOOR IS IN A FULLY CLOSED POSITION (see opener's Installation Instruction in Owner's Manual for details). Manually open and close door, check to ensure door is not too heavy (should be less than 15 kg operating force in general), unbalanced or binding, due to loss of spring tension or any other reason. Call for professional garage door service if necessary.

- Check door Open and Close (Limit) position. Check and make sure door can be fully opened and closed at the desired open and close position, make adjustments if necessary.

We recommend the following service ( to door only ) to be performed ONCE A YEAR.

- Professional services to the door such as adjusting door spring tensions to make sure door is in good working condition.

- Lubricate door roller bearings, arms and door hinges (vary from door to door).

Note: Information above is for general guidance only and can vary case by case.
The suggested adjustments/solutions are summarised only. Please read the opener's Installation Instruction carefully. We strongly recommend you to contact a professional door service personnel or Herculift for more detailed solutions.

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