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General reference for SDO V6, V8 & V8E and RDO 8 & 10 opener

Garage door opener does not operate at all with any control device

Door reverses before reaching the floor or stops before reaching the fully opened position

Door only operates from door control button but not from a transmitter

Transmitter only works within short distance to the door

Door opens but will not close

Door not fully closed (only happens with some types of old rolling doors)

Door opens or closes automatically when not in Auto Close Mode

The motor runs when activated, but the door does not move

Door only operates from door control button but not from a transmitter
POSSIBLE CAUSE: 1. Flat battery; 2. Transmitter is not programmed correctly; 3. Transmitter is damaged (normally the previous programmed button).
SOLUTION: 1. Try a new battery; 2. Re-program the transmitter on another button (see opener's Installation Instruction); 3.Try another transmitter

Note: Information above is for general guidance only and can vary case by case.
The suggested adjustments/solutions are summarised only. Please read the opener's Installation Instruction carefully. We strongly recommend you to contact a professional door service personnel or Herculift for more detailed solutions.

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