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Technical Information:

Herculift SDO V8, Elite Series


General Suitability:
Suit most residential car garage doors, sectional or tilting type with proper spring balance.
Door height: 1400 mm to 3000 mmDoor width: up to 6500 mm
Typical operating circle: 4-6 times a dayRecommended door operating force: < 15 Kilogram

Installation Requirements:
Head Room Space: Min. 80 mm above the highest point of the door is recommended Horizontal Back Clearance: Door entry height plus 800 mm.

Permanent Lubricated DC motorLower vibration, quieter than the AC motor drive.
Reduced chance of wearing out of gear out means fewer parts to wear out. No overheat due to continuous operation.
Soft Start and Soft Stop (SS and SS)Quieter and smoother.
Make opener and door life span last longer.
Three designer's colours to choose fromSuit personal preference and ceiling colour.
Industrial based nylon plastic baseAbsorbs vibration & noise, safer for use.
Auto Reverse Protection SystemReduction in the risks of personal injury and property damage in case of an accident.
Rolling Code Technology (ROC)Make your door more secure by eliminating possible code intercepting and duplication.
Pre-assembled aluminium chain railLower noise, solid and neat, non rusty & easier to install.
Pressed Metal Sprocket and Spine ConnectionLong lasting, torque force is evenly distributed resulting in lower vibration and noise.


Power Input: 240V / 110V, 50 - 60HzLifting Force: 800 NewtonRadio Frequency: 433Mhz
Motor: 24V Direct CurrentTransmitter Storage: up to 16 codesAdjustable Force: 5Kg per unit
Receiver: Low brand, Rolling CodeChain Rail: Pre-assembled, Fully adjustable   

Package Information:
Content: Power Head, Two Transmitters, Parts Kit and Owner's Manual, Chain Rail Kit (packed separately).

Size and Weight: Power Head Kit: 200H x 255W x 510L (MM), 7.5 KG;
Chain Rail Kit: 45H x 75W x (1800, 3000, 3500, 3700) L (MM), 12, 20, 23, 24 KG.

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