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Technical Information:

Herculift SGO 500, Value Series


General Suitability:
Suit most residential sliding gates that are under 600 KG in weight and the opening width can be up to 6 meters.
Gate Weight: less than 600 KilogramGate Opening Width: up to 6 meters
Push / Pull Force to gate: 50daNOpening Speed: 12 meter per minute

Features and Benefits:

One Direction Preset Self-lockable MotorDoes not need extra locking, yet securer. The motor will lock the gate after closing and cannot be forced open. This self lock function can be released by a special supplied key in case of power failure.
Adjustable Push and Pull Force to gateMakes gate opening and closing safer.
Travelling quieter and smoother and make motor life span last longer.
2-in-1 integrated design with fully sealed Independent Electrical Control System box inside of the Gear Unit Sealed out of the outdoor weather conditions, more protection for the electrical system, therefore, makes it more reliable and less possible services.
Basic Program Mode with Screen DisplaySimpler logic controls, makes installation and program adjustment easier and more convenient.
Multiple Point and Flex Position DesignMore flexible for wiring, installing and adjusting, so expedites the whole installation time.

Specially designed Travel Limit Switch for Soft Stop

Makes gate stop much smoother, it reduces the noises while increasing the open and gate's life span.
Motor Overhead Protection SystemProtects the motor in case of overheat when frequently over used.
Casting aluminium body baseLesser corruption, so lasting longer.


Power Input: 230V (+6% to -10%), 50HzProtection: IP 44Radio Frequency: 433.92Mhz, rolling code
Push and Pull Force: Up to 50dsN, adjustableOperating Time: 0 - 4 minutes, programmableOverheat Protection: 140 Celsius inside motor.
Basic Mode Programming: Operating Logic Program, Stopping Time, Adjustable Push Force and Direction.

Package Information:
Content: 2-in-1 Drive Unit, Two Transmitters, External Antenna, Parts Kit and Owner's Manual. (1 meter a piece Rack and Infra Red Protection Device need to be ordered separately to the SGO 500 opener).

Size and Weight: Drive Unit Kit (in box): 350H x 300W x 250L (MM), 25 KG.

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